Reading From The Paper to Digital Reading And to Intelligent Reading

The age that we are in, can be a traditional reading and digital reading interdependent age. People’s reading of sight gradually transfer from the paper pages to all or any types of digital terminal hard the screen, reading means from your actual to virtual, through the book reading on the screen reader, made the crucial step. Although the reality of books to learn and virtual reading is different in the experience, they are all an important part of how people reading. But, with the Internet and digital reading the look of the products, folks have to review books question: what’s the book? What is a student? What is the book publisher?

In the original reading era, these bankruptcies are not a difficult question to respond to. In the standard reading context, the novel principally refers to the paper, thicker reading. Books and magazines, newspapers are very different, the line between shod and non-shod remains clearly is. Book without paper, paper cannot leave it. But, paper books aren’t the sole form of books. But inside the Internet digital transmission environment, the very idea of the ebook had new changes in the paper carrier or computer, cellular phone, tablet computer; handheld ebook reader carrier shown over a longer reading may be viewed as books. And those that reading paper books, or through the computer, cellphone, tablet computer, digital ebook reader you just read can call reader. And the idea of the individual giving a magazine thereby expand, which is all for the paper carrier, computer, cell phone, computer tablet, digital ebook reader, etc all can be used as the carrier of the reading terminal can see this article of the content to deliver services, can become anyone giving the Sunday paper.

This and related books of numerous components of the full array of change, the pattern of the ebook publishing took a fresh change. The future evolution from the electronic reader technology may experience the next several big rough development stages: monochrome, static and dynamic, and color, and-and flexible (but fold), the solar energy as reading the evolving needs, readers from the using electronic reader apparently experience features a higher request. The advantages with the future

  1. Color display, dynamic display, the display velocity ascends;
  2. Foldable & flexible;
  3. Double sideshow, more screen overlap reading;
  4. Wireless transmission between electronic reader content, etc.

But we still desire a PDF converter mac software to solve the ebook formats problem. Including electronic books, digital newspapers, periodicals, digital network game, database publications, mobile phone reading publications, digital publishing product form basic appear, especially to mobiles, handheld reader represented mobile terminal product emerge in endlessly, content also a gradually breakthrough novel with the situation to offer priority to, gradually to magazines, comic books, professional and extension. for your teachers who wish to change PDF to PPT, a miracle traffic bot also can finish your task.,

You can also use PDF editor for mac software to make your individual ebook. At the same time, within the market segment, appeared for your party member cadre, migrant workers, housewives, urban white-collar and so on different people read products, reading the richness and gathering sex further strengthen, initially forming whole kinds, rich items in digital publishing product system. The future view: from your digital reading to intelligent reading inside the mobile Internet age, the human information transmission environment gets a distinct mobile change, individuation, virtualization, clouds of features. In this kind of information transmission environment, intelligent reading could be possible.

The so-called intelligent reading is people might be whenever you want, anywhere, plus any screen (including virtual screen) to see, within the developed around a smart and humanized to see a place. In the mobile Internet environment, the original reading, digital reading, the partnership between your intelligent reading how it’s the alternative or complementary, is eating into the other and joint interdependence? This is often a question. A book will be the human soul food, could be the ladder of the progress of mankind.

Author: Jacquelyne Wilson

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